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Perfect for Daily Whitening!

Daily White™ Fusion is a revolutionary new technology that removes stains and whitens teeth safely and rapidly using a one-step, dual action, cleaning + whitening micro-foaming formulation that dissolves particles and penetrates the enamel better than any toothpaste.

Simply brush your teeth with this revolutionary oxygenation system and experience gentle, pain-free whitening results that will leave you smiling. Not only does it whiten, it cleans much better and leaves your mouth feeling fresher than any other product. Once you try Daily White, you will never want to use toothpaste again.

Daily White Fusion:

For Daily Use
Replaces your Whitening Toothpaste
Cleans, Whitens, and Freshens
Lifts Surface and Subsurface Stains
Promotes Healthy Gums
Tastes Great
2-4 Month Supply
Dentist Recommended
Clinically Proven
Guaranteed Results

Cleaning + Whitening Micro-Foam